Sample of the week: Jan.1

Friends, Fellows, others lacking arrangement,
Hearken what I say on this New Year's Day:

On grapevine of recent death now interred,
And weather too foul for merrymaking-
The last ticks used before they are exchanged,
Sullied beyond repair by constant use-
Do I now seek your careful attention.
What miles attend our separate places
Extend past reckoning and carrying,
Yet seem erased by present convenience.
Know you, withal, did I posses magic
Would there be flesh and air with my message,
Proving more formidable than this show,
Eating other means humankind's devised.
  Go now, to new ticks and merrymaking,
  But forget not: what, magic one may bring.

© 2005-2011 Edward G. Brown. All rights reserved.


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