Why three volumes?

I was recently asked why I’m publishing 365 Days of Verse in three volumes, and it’s a fair enough question. Though a friend once lightheartedly, and a bit sarcastically, remarked that it was simply a ploy to increase sales, the fact is putting out three volumes is simply an ascetic as well as practical choice for me. And incidentally, it’s probably not the best idea for sales.

To begin with, I wrote the sonnets by hand, and in three small notebooks. I decided to use these notebooks because they were portable, and I could write anywhere at any time. They also had enough pages that I could reasonably write a hundred or more, and so I decided to do three volumes. I’ve always been attracted to threes for some reason, and breaking the year up into three parts seemed reasonable. Here are the notebooks:

When it came time to publish the sonnets, I was faced with the task of entering all of them into the computer. Clearly, I had a moment or two where I kicked myself for not entering them into the computer in the first place, but I had my reasons. In the long run, it was the right choice. I decided that I would publish them in three volumes, for practical reasons as well as to preserve some sense of their origination. They were set down initially in three volumes, in three seasons if you will, and that is how I present them now.

Incidentally, I’ve just entered in sonnet #300 today and am nearing the end of October. I’m excited to finish ahead of schedule and put the final volume out before August rolls around. I think I will publish The Sacrifice, the five act play I wrote the year before these sonnets, following that. I may publish all three volumes in one book in the future, and I may in fact get around to publishing them for e-readers as well. But for now, you’ll just have to deal with these inconvenient booky things.

365 Days of Verse: Volume One   365 Days of Verse: Volume Two

Finally, this is totally shameless, and I hope you will see the humor…if anyone from the company who manufactures the notebooks above would like to contact me to do a commercial for you, I could always use the money. Wink wink nudge nudge.


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