Sample from upcoming Volume 3: October 28th, number 301

		Oct 28		301

Oh Walt, my captain, I picture you now,
Half smile on beard not yet fully whitened,
Bleached by time and all you saw in your life,
What a grand testimony you left us!
Many years have passed since, I, as young man
Sat long hours devouring the pageantry
You put down, the mystery and sublime,
Under trees, looking up at stars, with you.
Then for a time, I had a cynic’s heart,
Gone was belief in things I couldn’t see,
And now, years later, I find myself here,
Again with you, travelling on the road.
  I sing to you, for that which is in you,
  That which is also in me, which is true.

© 2005-2012 Edward G. Brown, all rights reserved.


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