Self-published authors on New York Times ebook bestseller list

This is great to see. As we all knew, or at lease suspected, readers don’t care much whether or not the authors they are reading are self-published, or published by a Random House. Why would they? They don’t care if they band that they are jamming to on their iPod has self-released their album or are on DGC. Why would they? From the article by the Guardian’s Alison Flood,

I think readers are more focused on a good story that they can enjoy instead of where the book was published,” said Mathewson, of the self-published authors’ success. “Thanks to the internet they can research books before committing time and money on them. Flashy advertisements really don’t mean anything to most avid readers. They care more about reviews, ratings and recommendations than they do about ads telling them what to read.

Soon the absurd notion that self-published authors must all be low-quality will fade, as it has for musicians. Good writing is good writing, no matter how it ends up in front of your eyes. Embrace it.


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