On human laziness

It may well me that the defining feature of human beings is our laziness.

In some ways this is an advantageous attribute, in that it leads us to find ways to do more with less. In other ways, this same attribute is perhaps responsible for our desire to exploit others. If they do our toil, we do less.

At the mall today I saw a woman tell her very young daughter that she wouldn’t put the girl’s soda in her purse because it would ‘hurt mommy’s shoulder’.

Come on. Really? Setting aside the fact that the girl shouldn’t be drinking soda in the first place, this is just absolutely unforgivable.

Of course, this is just one example, but it let me to thinking about just how lazy people are today. Perhaps people have always been this lazy, or perhaps things are getting worse. I have no way to answer that question in any real way.

Our laziness may, in the end, be our undoing. Let us tread carefully.


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