Who is Steven Rae?

If you haven’t been watching the CW’s Cult, I highly* recommend that you do. (It was created by Rockne S. O’Bannon, the creator of Farscape, need I say more?) Back episodes are available to watch on the CW site, and new episodes are on in the U.S. at 9 P.M. on Friday nights.

Now, if you have been watching, you’re wondering, as have I, who is Steven Rae? I developed a theory upon watching, and Rockne told me on Twitter that guesses were welcome. (I didn’t want to just throw it out there and ruin the fun in case I am right.) However, he welcomes it, and given the complexity of shows he’s involved in, I may have just picked up on a very well-crafted mis-direction. We’ll see.

So anyway, my guess, thus far, is that the actor who plays Billy (named Roger Reeves, played by Robert Knepper), is Steven Rae. I think this because, in the rehearsal scene, when they’re going over the script, Roger gives the fill-in TV rep a very scathing look. He’d asked her about changes he wanted to the script. She assures him that it is Steven Rae’s show, and that they are all there to make sure it is done as Steven Rae wants. The look he gives her seems more one of, “Are you going to follow orders?”, rather than, “I’m an artist, hear my demands!”.

Other ideas I have are that Skye Yarrow is somehow involved.

It’s great fun to speculate, anyhow!

*[Update March 25th, 2013: I can recommend this show, but after a few episodes I have to retract the “highly” adjective. The problem is that this show is just too CWish, too network for its own good. I’d like to think they’d push the boundaries more in terms of the performances, but frankly, the actors are just a bit wooden. I suspect they are delivering the performances that the directors and execs want, which are typically caricatures and “first choices” which should be tossed aside in rehearsal. It’s still a decent show. And I still miss Farscape.]


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