Skype Interview Tips

1) If you begin a Skype interview with an employer, and you cannot see their video, you’d do well to turn the video feed off on your end.

You might ask if they have turned on their video or if they can see you. Ultimately, it’s not great if they can see you and you can’t see them, especially if you forget you are on video and roll your eyes or something at a possibly absurd question.

Another benefit is that the call quality may improve if you turn off video. If both people aren’t using it, there’s no point.

2) Practice looking directly at the camera and not at the screen, as this makes for good “eye contact” if you are both using video. Also, try to sit so that your torso isn’t facing the camera directly, but at an angle. This gives a nice look, the same way that it does when you have your portrait taken.

3) Use earphones or a headset if possible and you don’t feel that it makes you look bad. It will be much easier to hear the other person speak, and for you to be heard.

4) Wear a dark sports coat or blazer with a lighter undershirt, or if only wearing a shirt, wear a dark shirt. From what I’ve read, this imbues confidence.

5) Relax, be yourself, and don’t forget to have questions ready to ask them. 

Happy Job Hunting!

(This was originally posted on a linked group forum by moi.)


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